Football Champions

Year Team Name Captain/Quarterback
2022-23 Cardinals Jeff Fruin
Aztecs (Legends) Ebby Dobson
2021-22 Saints Ryan Sorahan
2020-21 COVID
2019-20 Panthers Jesse Abeyta
2018-19 Ravens Greg Otholt
Eagles (Legends) Curt Burns
2017-18 Bengals Jeff Woods
Bears (Legends)
2016-17 Bucs Jeff Garcia
Bears (Legends)
2015-16 Bengals Jeff Woods
Bearcats (Legends)
2014-15 Bengals Jeff Woods
2013-14 Ravens Greg Otholt
2012-13 Bears Preston Bynes
2011-12 Broncos Darren Bayless
2010-11 Broncos Darren Bayless
2009-10 Broncos Darren Bayless
2008-09 Chargers Arnold Berger
2007-08 Broncos Darren Bayless
2006-07 Cowboys Andy Movsesian
2005-06 Ravens Greg Otholt
2004-05 Cowboys Andy Movsesian
2003-04 Raiders Phil Spencer
2002-03 Patriots Bill Poirier
2001-02 Raiders Phil Spencer
2000-01 Raiders Phil Spencer
1999-00 Raiders Phil Spencer
1998-99 Broncos Phil Spencer
1997-98 Chiefs Phil Spencer
1996-97 Rams Rich Martin
1995-96 Oilers Tom Lee
1994-95 Eagles John Mitchell
1993-94 Eagles John Mitchell
1992-93 Rams Rich Martin
1991-92 Giants Jim Welsh
1990-91 Giants Jim Welsh
1989-90 Raiders Brooks Harper
1988-89 Eagles John Mitchell
1987-88 Bears Charlie Ryan
1986-87 Eagles John Mitchell
1985-86 49ers Charlie Ryan
1984-85 Vikings John Mitchell

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