In Memoriam

Bruce H Sheetz (passed away in 1990) was a commercial pilot for US Airways and member of the U S Community Bank softball team.

Janice Lupu (passed away in 1993) was wife of LC35AC officer Sidney Lupu and loyal fan and supporter of club activities.

Mat Regan (1910-1994) was an elderly gentleman who was a big fan and enjoyed socializing with club members.

Jim Knight (passed in 1996) was an active leader in the early years of LC35AC, serving as manager of the original Bombers Summer softball team.

Brian Reiss (passed in 1996) was a member of the LC35AC Pacific Drain Summer softball team.

Dennis McDonogh (1/18/1951 – 5/8/2002) who worked 35 years locally for Vons, was active in the La Costa Youth Organization, an assistant softball coach at La Costa Canyon High School, & a member of the LC35AC Stallions softball team.

Dave Franssens (passed away in 2004) was an original founding member and an active leader in LC35AC over many years. The Over 50 softball division champion trophy “Franssens Cup” is named in his memory.

Ben Milan (12/20/1950 – 3/13/2006) worked as a landscape contractor and was an active and beloved member/manager of LC35AC softball and football teams.

Glen Gibbons (passed away in 2008) was a Camp Pendleton fireman and member of the Pearl Lucky 13 (Grand Pacific Resorts) softball team.

Bill Van Holt (passed away in 2009) was a long time member and played on the 1986 Philadelphia Sandwich Shoppe Championship team.

Dennis Nigro (7/29/1947 – 7/12/2009) was an award-winning Encinitas physician & humanitarian who was a member of Summer and Fall-Winter softball teams in the late 1980s.

Gary Hohnbaum (5/16/1940 – 2/14/2011) passed away after a long struggle with Alzheimer’s disease; was a long time member who was an All Star and played on the Pacific Drain team (Summer) and several Winter Softball teams.

George McEldowney (10/1/1958 – 6/11/2011) was a popular and active member who participated on many softball and football teams. He was known for his friendly and good natured spirit.

David Alan Lowe (2/12/1949 – 4/17/2015) was a Club member and avid softball enthusiast (played 3rd ) during the 1980s & 1990s. LC35AC held a “Swing With Your Heart” for Dave on February 20-21, 1988. He returned to play after recovering from the debilitating Guillain-Barre Syndrome Disease.

Jeff Hayes (8/2/1945 – 5/26/2018) Played outfield for the LC35AC Latecomers (US Community Bank) team in the 1980s to 2000s. Jeff was a well-liked and respected teammate. He and wife Linda were active in community service

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