Summer Softball 2014

Steve Collo
Commissioner Elvis Division (Age 55+)
Email:  for questions regarding the Elvis Division

Randy Cox
Commissioner Hotel California Division (Age 35+)
Email:  for questions concerning the Hotel California Division

Congratulations to the 2014 Bracket Winners!

2014 HC Champs – SecurePath Financial

2014 HC Champions – SecurePath Financial Front row L to R: Correy Geno, Barry Disch, Marc Van Hoose, Rob Holzman, Dave Sesti Back row L to R: Jay Pearlman, Dave Hilton, Dave Vlahos, Ken Gensler, Jay Sill, Tim Thompson, Marc Sandknop. Not shown John Riedy, Jim Ebentier, and Glenn Stroh.

2014 Elvis Champs – Walker Communications

2014 Elvis Champions – Walker Communications Standing, L to R: Phil McCabe, Ira Abrams, John Showers, Ken Biblowitz, Jeff Walker, Mark Dushkin, Greg Beuchane, Ken “Just Here for the Photo” Hume, Buzz Waloch Sitting, L to R: Daryl Wasano, Rick White, Karl Burk (Manager) Dennis Crenshaw, Mark LaVake

2014 HC Runner Up – Tax Tiger

2014 HC Runner Up TAX TIGER
Back Row (L to R): Mike Call, Jay Brown, Nate Appleby, Troy Faris, Jack Allegretti (Manager), Jason Haines (Manager), Steve Raymond, Dan Nage
Front Row (L to R) Gary Harris, Brad Coutin, Tim Thiele, Vince Smith, Buzz Waloch, Raph Tulino. Not shown Joe Butler, Bryan Downer

2014 Elvis Runner Up – Burk’s Law

2014 Elvis Runner Up – Burk’s Law
Standing (L to R) Dan Watts, Dave Wulfert, Mark Weisinger, Allen Waldvogel, Dave Hilton, Elliot Turner, Tim Thompson (Manager)
Sitting (L to R) Phil Burkhart, Gil Pumar, Buck Carter, Barry Disch, Louie Pozzebon, Dennis Kaplan. Not shown Marty Magy and Gary Braunstein