Summer Softball 2011

Congratulations to the 2011 Bracket Winners!

2011 HC Champs – Smooth Operators / Kelan Builders
Smooth Ops / Kelan Builders, 2011 Champions

Smooth Operators / Kelan Builders – Hotel California Division Front row kneeling (L to R): Chase Casson, Jerry Johnson, Rick McCurdy, Mike Marlowe, Nel Garcia (Asst. Manager), Adam Fierer, Will Holder Standing (L to R): Bob Shepro, Brian McConnell, Brett Frankenburg, Chad Johnson, Jeremy Kemp (Manager), Jim Lundgren, Randy Sugimoto.

2011 Elvis Champs – D-Street Bar & Grill
D-Street Bar & Grill - 2011 Champions

D-Street Bar & Grill – Elvis Division