Due to an unprecedented amount of requests, the infamous Holiday Happy Hour returns on Dec. 3 to The Leucadian in Encinitas.
Actually we received just three emails, a text and someone with a pager who’s interested in crashing the party.
Regardless, the shindig that has few rivals will climb from the mat to see if we can pick up where we left off in 2019.
When we last gathered the festivities roared all night — well, at least until 9:30 p.m., but you get the idea. This is a fun-filled occasion with few requirements and even fewer rules.
We’ve been fortunate in the past to have some of the biggest names in San Diego sports duck in for a social sparkler: Bud Black, Dave Roberts, Rod Laver, A.J. Preller, Wally Joyner, Mark Loretta, Brad Ausmus, Bernie Wilson and Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton.
OK, so maybe you recognize the first seven names.
Anyway, all were invited again and some other A-listers. But it’s always a roll of the dice of who’ll show up and what kind of shape they’ll be in. Remember that one year when an over-served…we better not tell that one here.
They could all appear and then again, maybe not. This isn’t one of those party invitations that requires a RSVP.
What’s important is that we’re A-OK after a challenging couple of years and eager to connect again.
Please, if you have blankets and/or clothes that you no longer wear or can squeeze into — mate, keep dreaming about being a medium again — bring them and I will distribute to locals that are in need.
We also request that those that have a sip bring their smiles, stories (true or otherwise) and embrace this chance to exhale and enjoy each other’s company at The Leucadian. It has indoor and outside seating — its friendly barkeeps do suggest we stay off the roof.
Although that doesn’t mean we can’t raise it with our good vibes and friendly commotion.
The party starts at 4:30 p.m., yet Blackie, Fitzy and J.D. usually have the ceremonial first pour at 4 p.m.
If you’ve been to one of these epic Holiday Happy Hours, you know the fun to be had.
If you can’t make it, we understand (kind of) and we’ll keep the light on for you for next year.
Jay Paris
The Leucadian
1542 N. Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, California